Noise pollution is all around us

Noise levels around you have been linked to hearing loss, cardiovascular diseases, impaired performance, and sleep disorders. The Industrial Revolution brought us increased level of noise all around us from an air plane, automobile to the more modern iPod that play blaring music in your ear. Today noise is all around you and no one can escape from it.

Hearing loss due to noise is invisible, cumulative and gradual. The intensity and duration could cause more harm. Very limited time exposure to a noise generated from a hair dryer at 120 decibels (dB) and a long exposure to a drill at 100 dB brings different results. The long term exposure even at lesser dB could cause more damage than the hair dryer noise.

Compare some statistics. An air plane generates an average of 120 dB compared to speech that generate 62 decibels. So you need to understand the difference between sources and its impact on you and your health. Wear an ear protection device such as an earmuff or an insert if you are going to be exposed prolonged and pronounced noise levels. To get away from noise visit a park or other open space at least once a day to bring tranquility in to your life.