Activities to do in San Juan, Puerto Rico

Article provided by Crystal Seas

Are you looking for that special activity that will help you make some unforgettable memories on your Puerto Rico vacation? We might have a few suggestions.

Check out Old San Juan

If you’re a history lover, you might enjoy being transported into the past by the colorful colonial architecture and storied landscapes of Old San Juan. 400 buildings from the 16th and 17th century have been preserved and restored for your viewing pleasure. And while you’re at it, make sure to visit one of the century-old forts and to see the Cathedral of San Juan Bautista’s beautiful interior.

Go scuba diving

Puerto Rico is home to lots of exotic sea creatures and underwater plant life. If you’ve never experienced the magic of scuba diving in San Juan, we strongly recommend it. You’ll feel like you’re entering another beautiful, mysterious world. Be sure to take pictures, because you might come face-to-face with something you’ve never seen before.

Go kayaking

If you want to stay above water, there’s still plenty to explore, so why not go on a kayak trip? Companies such as Crystal Seas will let you explore almost all of the west coast of San Juan in a kayak. And since the west side of San Juan is a federally designated whale habitat, chances are high you might see some orcas, or killer whales, alongside other types of wildlife such as seals and bald eagles. If you love outdoors adventures, this is one you can’t miss.