New Driving Laws You Should Know If You Are Getting Your Driving License Soon In California

Article by Delta Driving School

With more and more accidents have been reported due to things like ladders or furniture not being secured down properly, there was a new law passed just this year to help hopefully prevent some of this. According to this law one of the questions that you might find on the written part of your driver’s license test will involve asking you the proper way to secure something down to your vehicle.

This is important to know if you are studying for your test since it might not yet appear in the driver’s manual or in the practice questions that you are using to help you study. When you actually fill out the paperwork for the information such as your name etc that will appear on your actual driver’s license, you will possibly notice the effects of another law.

This new law will let you check a box showing whether you want your gender to be male or female, but it now has a third option called “nonbinary”. If you choose this option that place under gender on your driver’s license will be marked with an X.

Thanks to another law, if you happen to be a ward of the State of California, or have been in a juvenile court due to being an acknowledged truant, you can now get your driver’s license or permit much sooner. Formerly you could have this privilege suspended for up to a year.

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