Top Facts About Pitbulls That You May Not Know

The stigma surrounding pitbulls remains one of the main reasons that homeowners stay away from making the breed a household companion.

pitbull-birds-bunniesThe American Pit Bull Terrier can make an amazing addition to any household. They’re great with all children of all ages when trained appropriately and are loyal to the core. Here are some facts that you may not know about pitbulls that break the stereotype.

Pitbulls are Actually Very Well Tempered

It may come as a surprise to you but pitbulls are actually quite conditioned when it comes to their temperament. The reason why pitbulls are under the microscope is because of their rough history that’s stuck with them throughout the years. It doesn’t help that illegal dog fighting rings continue to plague the country – you can only imagine the specific breed of dog that’s associated with these rings as well. Their image has been tainted to many, but for the select group that feel that pitbulls are misunderstood, they get that second chance to live in a household and thrive.

Pitbulls Are Extremely Affectionate

Pitbulls are actually great with people! The reason why some pitbulls are aggressive towards people is because they feel threatened by the individual or they are poorly trained. It’s mandatory for pitbulls to be properly socialized so they can accustom themselves to the world around them. This is why they are grouped together during the pitbull breeding process, to ensure that they work well with one another.

Furthermore, pitbulls aren’t exactly the best guard dogs due to their fondness of people. Most of them do not make good guard dogs. As a matter of fact, pitbulls are more likely to sniff an intruder than attack them. If you want to make your pitbull a guard dog, it requires intense training and months of rigorous routines. You might want to consider another breed if you’re looking for a guard dog. All the “XL pitbulls for sale” signs in the world can’t make the breed more aggressive than it is. Also, instilling fear into your pitbull won’t make it a “meaner” guard dog, it’ll actually make him more aggressive in nature, making him or her prone to attack anyone that he or she feels is intruding – including yourself. This is why it’s important that you train your dog correctly and with an immense amount of love to ensure that he or she doesn’t act irrationally – there could be significant consequences in the long run.

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