The future of solar energy

With the supply of fossil fuels dwindling rapidly, the world is looking at more sources of renewable energy and there has been a lot of importance stressed on solar energy as the energy source of the future. The ever increasing need for energy has seen rapid development in the sector of solar energy in recent years.

Some of the main problems with solar energy has been the high cost, the large size of the panels and the inefficiency of the solar panels in capturing sunlight with the panels only capturing 20% of the natural light available. However, scientists see a future of paper thin and paper light solar panels, which could be attached to any roof and window and would capture over 80% of the sunlight.

The future would see solar panels incorporated in to clothing which would allow you to recharge your i pod by simply plugging it onto your jacket.

The automobile industry will see a future of cars powered by solar panels. The new Hybrid cars all come with solar panels, which utilize the sunlight to charge the electric autos. With the rising cost of gas, we will see more and more of these cars on the roads in future.