Selecting a Solar Powered Electric Fence

Author bio: Guest post is provided by Farm Supply Store, the place to get your next electric fence charger.  Check out their website for more information.

Electric fences are truly superior in the world of farm fencing.  Not only are they more lightweight than other types of fences, but they are also usually easier and cheaper to install.

The solar powered electric fence is a revolutionary tool in keeping your farm animals safe and secure.  These fences use the power of solar power to create a barrier around your animals and property.  There are some truly great qualities to solar powered electric fences, including the fact that they don’t typically need to be installed by an electrician.  Many solar fences are DIY as far as instillation goes.

One misconception about solar electric fences is that they don’t work in a variety of environments.  While they do work best in an area that receives significant exposure to sunlight, many are capable of working for weeks after being exposed to the sun.  Well made solar electric fences can run for up to eight weeks after receiving sunlight.  It’s wise to check on your solar powered electric fence in order to ensure that it’s still receiving the right amount of sun exposure.

Using an electric fence wire, as opposed to a barbed wire, can keep animals much safer and more secure.   While barbed wire is still a very popular option as far as farm animal containment is concerned, electric fences do a more efficient job.  Certain animals, such as horses, regularly injure themselves on barbed wire fences.  In order to prevent your animals from receiving an injury, perhaps you should consider a solar powered electric fence.