Planet’s eco-system under threat of climate change

Eco-system includes flora and fauna including birds, animals, people, trees and host of other things. The whole system is intertwined. Actions of people not only affect them, they also affect other parts of the whole eco-system. A recent study by the University of York, England sum up the effects of climate change has on the planet’s co-existent eco-system. Results come from a study of blanket bogs.

Climate change threaten habitat, cause sea level to rise, rising temperatures, altering rain patters, increasing droughts and cause many others. The case study involving climate, bog habitat, insects and birds indicates that birds depend on crane flies that thrive on blanket bogs and drought especially on summer months cause significant drop of crane flies. As a result researchers seen significant drop in bird species that rely on crane flies for food and nutrition. The research concludes that by 2051-80, significant number of birds, up to 50 percent, could vanish from the peats habitat solely due to drop of crane flies. Study also emphasizes the need for large scale conservation projects to protect even smaller habitats that are intertwined with many other factors. Everyone should do their part no matter how small it is to protect our planet.