Hotel Made Out Of Rubbish in Rome

Rome is the home of a brand new hotel made entirely out of rubbish by environmental campaigners. This is the latest campaign in Italy’s capital in order to create awareness regarding pollution on the beaches of Europe.

The new hotel, named ‘Save the beach’ hotel is made up of all the rubbish collected from beaches in Europe. Bookings are being taken for guests for only four days.

The hotel has a reception and five rooms. The rubbish used to make up the hotel weights around 12 tonnes and includes all sorts of things ranging from exhaust pipes from old cars to children’s toys.

One of the high profile guests who stayed at the Save the Beach hotel was Helena Christensen, a Danish supermodel who said that the hotel was a ‘striking work of art’. She said that it almost felt like a normal house with the walls and everything intact. She said that when you look at the items that the hotel is made out of it makes her wonder how people could just litter beaches with that kind of stuff.
The new hotel will be opened up to guests only until the 7th of June.

Save the Beach is built on the beach which is located right next to the 2nd century Castel Sant’Angelo, which is along the banks of the Tiber. The hotel is the creation of H. A. Schult who is a German artist.

Schult, speaking to a news agency said human beings are responsible for trash, and said that this mirrors that exact situation. This project, he said was just one simple way of saving the world.