Electric Security

Galaggher Fences, named after the inventor of the electric fence: Bill Galaggher, are being adopted by more and more people to utilize in various applications such as home security and general property fencing. It has also been utilized by industries that require security over a large plot of land such as agricultural establishments like farms. Farm owners have become well aware of the benefits that these fences can give; breaches in the perimeter are easily mended with additional wires and even then, it takes a long time before these wires are corroded.

The security of your farm should never be overlooked, your livelihood depends on it and once your fence is breached, there is no telling how much you can potentially lose. Traditional fences just can’t secure your property as well as electric fence installations, which keep the unwanted outside and your livelihood inside.Electric fences, from their name, runs an electric current through wires that electrocute any person or animal that touches it; simple, yet effective in keeping your private property private. It also acts as a deterrent for would-be robbers and thieves that would make them think twice before attempting to scale your fences with all the health risks the warning signs entail.

If you are one such farm owner, try utilizing these fences as a means to protect your investment and livelihood. Farm equipment need not be stolen and your livestock won’t be able to run away. Effectively decreasing costs on replacement equipment and stocks.


Farm Supply Store always stocks up on these electric fences as well as various aluminium wires for your various applications.