Electric Fence Polyrope Best Option for Horse Health and Safety

One of toughest tasks to face as a horse owner is to choose the right electric fence to keep your horses in their pasture. You want a fence that is visible and does not easily break. It should also drop to the ground, rather than recoiling around the leg of your horse, should the fence finally break. The last thing you need is an injured horse, due to a poor choice of materials for your fence.

Polyrope and polybraid are good choices of electric fence types for horses. The former have a life expectancy of 5 to 10 years, while the latter as long as 10 to 25 years. This is due chiefly to the deterioration of polyethylene in the polyropes. You pay for it too, because polybraids are much more expensive.

Polyrope will hold up well against the wind and the current can travel for miles. They are highly visible and serve as horse containment well. The horse sees the rope and remembers the shock. Before you settle for a bare electric fence, consider the fact that these can be put up and taken down easily and repeatedly. Their useful life justifies the cost.


When putting up an electric fence polyrope should be your material of choice, but also be sure to create electric fence gates wherever you might need to enter the corral. Remember that all materials can be found online quite easily at most farm stores. You can do a simple search or start at www.farmsupplystore.com and look over all the possibilities for your particular needs.