Different types of foam used for cushions and seats

Written by The Foam Factory

Are you looking to replace the foam is your seat backs? The problem then is deciding on what replacement foam you want to use. There are several options for a foam seat. Here are some of the more popular types:


This is a medium density foam that you should use for occasional use applications. This is not for your couch or kitchen seats and is typically found in cushions and mattresses. Polyfoam has a lifetime of one to two years.

Super soft foam

Soft foam is good for everyday use and is the type you would find on your couch, mattress or even mattress topper. The lifetime of super soft foam is better at around five years with typical use.

Regular foam

The regular foam type has a medium density and is good for regular use. Found in seat cushions, chairs, mattresses and even benches, this regular foam has a lifetime of around seven years.

High-quality foam

Higher quality foam with a density of at least 2.lbs/ft3 and an ILD of around 35 is good for regular and heavy use. When replacing the foam in chairs that seen, everyday use, this is the best one. Also, there is a lifetime of around 16 years.

There are even more types of foam, but this list covers the most common varieties. The choice of which foam to go with will depend on the balance between cost, comfort, and durability.


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