Choosing Bedding for Dogs

The right pet bed leaves your pet feeling safe and secure, and provides a space for them to sleep that isn’t your bed. With training, your dog will learn to recognize its bed as a safe space. You can use this technique to keep the dog calm when guests arrive, or when you want to eat in peace. Here are some tips to help anyone choose a bed for their dog.

Measure Your Dog

Before you order dog beds in Canada, it’s important that you determine whether your dog will actually fit. You can take a tape measure and stretch it across the length of the dog’s body to get the proper measurement. You should allow a few inches on each side of the dog for comfort, but you don’t need to go much larger than the dog’s length. Space is another concern, as a larger bed may take up more of your living or bedroom.

Consider Health

If you plan to have the dog sleep outside, then you’ll want bedding that will guard against moisture. In some situations, it’s a good idea to order custom cushions that are fit to the size you need. These cushions provide extra firmness, and may resist bacteria buildup that can occur outdoors. Washable fabrics are also important, as pet dander can build up and cause harm over time.


Consider some kind of covering for the dog, where the bed can be fitted beneath an overhang. This will allow you to provide a warm space for your pet, while keeping him dry from the rains. A slip cover on the pet’s bed can also be a good idea, especially for indoor pets. A slip cover can be removed and washed, or even wiped dry. If you have more than one dog, consider buying one larger bed where they can sleep together.

Avoid materials that feel too thin to the touch. Your pet will destroy them without getting too much use out of the product. Try to avoid beds that are elevated, especially if you have an older dog who may have trouble getting in or out of it. If your dog is a puppy, a small bed is useful to get him used to the idea of sleeping in one.

Final Thoughts

Dog bedding can last for years if you know what to look for. Choose sturdy material, and a bed big enough to house your pet. Your dog will thank you for giving him a nice place to sleep!
Carlo Badalementi writes on behalf of Canada Foam by Mail, a custom cushion manufacturer selling materials online.