Avoid Stinky, Mildew-Smelling Cushions with Foam

This-tip-will-help-eliminate-stinky-mildewIf you have any sort of outdoor furniture, like on patio or boat cushions, then there’s a good chance you invested in them heavily—outdoor furniture is generally more expensive because it has to be built with much greater durability to withstand constant direct sunlight, frequent exposure to moisture, and even stray animals.

While you may love your outdoor seating, you probably noticed that it didn’t feel new after long. After a season or two, or sometimes even less, your yacht cushions probably developed a subtle or even heavy aroma that made you and your guests uncomfortable. This is because all the elements of the outdoors, plus the much greater amount of moisture in the air, make your outdoor cushions a great place for mold and mildew to make a home in.

Fortunately, you can order foam in any shape, size, or density to replace those cushions. What’s the advantage of foam? Well, being made of synthetic materials, it’s much less accommodating to the spores and bacteria that create that ripe smell you associate with a pillow left out in the rain. On top of that, the nature of foam helps it to drain water faster and allow any remaining moisture to evaporate quickly, which means mold and mildew have even less of a chance to take hold. If you’re looking for outdoor or marine foam cushions, you’d be especially interested in Dryfast foam, which is made just for marine foam cushions.

Bio: The Foam Factory, Inc. is a Michigan-based manufacturer of custom foam products to both the United States and Canada.