3 Reasons that Have Made Working from Home a Successful Option

“Since 2020 and the worldwide pandemic and lockdowns, many companies have been forced into introducing remote working models. These have proved to be very successful, and many employees, after the pandemic, have remained working from home due to the many benefits that they have found with remote work.

Lucy Lyle, entrepreneur and founder of Perch, commented, “In business, even the smallest things can affect your company’s productivity. This is why management is often wary of letting employees work at home with no supervision.” Lucy Lyle continued, “Some of these companies fear the increased potential for procrastination, distraction, and decreased productivity. But remote work doesn’t usually go hand-in-hand with these things.”

Here are three reasons which have shown employers why having a workforce working from home is a good option, for both the employer and staff. The first is saving time and money; everyone benefits when they feel less pressure financially. Save money on the commute, lunch dates, coffee, clothes for work and office supplies, utilities, and rental space. Time is saved not only on the commute to work but also during the workday when there are fewer distractions, such as co-workers chatting and meetings.

Flexibility is another benefit. This gives the staff a good work-life balance and allows them to live a more stress-free lifestyle by being present for children and senior members of the family. Remote work does not work unless the team is self-disciplined and motivated to take initiative. When this is in place, employers have noted an increase in work productivity as their employees are happy and have job satisfaction.

Lucy Lyle has shown that working from home has benefits that include saving time and money, having fewer distractions, and having the flexibility to create and enjoy both their work and home life simultaneously.”