Livestock Nutrition According to Animal Needs

A pet food manufacturer must consider a broader audience than just pet owners, though this is a significant one. The variety of feeds that must be produced to satisfy animal owners stretches far beyond the broad range of pets. Not only that, there are specialty foods required for various stages of the life of an animal.

If you are an animal owner, you must purchase feed designed to meet the special nutrition of your particular animal at its specific age. Feeding your animal anything else may provide them with too much of some nutrient they do not need and not enough what they require. Some foods are designed to counter balance some kind of character. For instance, horses can be fed high fiber chaff with molasses in order to slow them down. This helps the fast eaters digest their food better. Feed calves a kind of pellet designed to help wean them. Baby chicks will eat their own kind of crumb food, while grower food is designed to help the chicken for 6 to 8 weeks old, until they are of laying age. Do not feed chicken food to turkeys. Feed turkey food appropriate to the purpose and age.

Some horse food is to control the weight of the horse, other for simple maintenance. Still, many more are designed for the horses high output and control in competition. You should check with your feed dealer to understand the requirements in your livestock nutrition. You can also learn much from websites, whether or not your buy from them. So get on over to and see what they have to offer for feed and advice.