5 Travel Blogs That Show You a Different Side of the World

The key to a well-made, engaging travel blog is showcasing experiences and local cultures beyond the usual tourist’s itinerary. Here are five travel blogs that show readers different sides of the world’s hottest travel destinations.

World of Wanderlust

World of Wanderlust’s Brooke Saward has been recognized as an international master of the art of travel blogging. Aspiring travel bloggers can learn from her blogging master class while frequent tourists can browse through her many adventures throughout the world’s continents.

Michael D’Antonio Impatto

Entrepreneur and avid traveler Michael D’Antonio applies his unique perspective to international hotels, bars and lounges, and restaurants in this exciting new travel blog. Michael D’Antonio Impatto offers an intriguing list of spas, eateries, and concierge services for readers to experience on their next trip.

Silver Spoon London

Silver Spoon London has been the recipient of a host of blogging awards for good reason. London-based blogger Angie Silver takes readers to some of the best restaurants, hotels, and experiences in the UK and elsewhere. You’ll also learn many helpful things about traveling with a baby, as Angie’s status as a proud mom is fully on display.


Pursuitist’s chief editor Christopher Parr has been recognized as one of the top 10 travel bloggers by USA Today. The blog’s commitment to finding and documenting the best five-star experiences in the world has made it a valuable resource for many aspiring travelers with a love for luxury.

Luxury Travel Diary

Luxury Travel Diary is an informative, slickly produced luxury travel publication that has even created its own concierge service for readers and other travelers who want to experience the hotels, restaurants, resorts, and experiences featured in the blog. It even allows readers to bid on luxury travel experiences through online auctions.