Recycling electronics waste

Recycling electronicsMany electronic manufacturers are looking beyond the production and marketing of electronics. They are actively engaged in recovery and recycling of electronic equipment once they fulfill the intended use. Manufacturers are also thinking ahead and incorporating after life use of recycled materials. One good example is Panasonic Corporation’s program of recycling panel glasses of old CRT televisions into glass wool known as Vacua which is used to make refrigerators. They also separate plastic material used in electrical appliances.

Panasonic is actively engaged in recovery and recycling of electronic waste in Europe, United States and China through many initiatives. In the U.S., the Electronic Manufacturers Recycling Management Company, LLC, (MRM) is expected to establish 1,600 recovery bases by 2013. In Germany, the EcologyNet Europe GmbH (ENE), operates a recycling management system in partnership with universities and smelting companies to promote technologies for recovery and recycling. Panasonic is the first Japanese company to start a home appliance recycling program in China.

Programs like what Panasonic is implementing are aimed at promoting eco-friendly manufacturing, recovery and reuse of electronics waste. Many other responsible manufacturers are cooperating with one another to promote similar goals. We salute all those manufacturers who make an effort to help the environment.