Should You Write a Book About Your Business Experience?

Quite a few entrepreneurs are now writing books. This is a good way to establish yourself as an authority in a certain area. Some authors go on to have successful careers as coaches and public speakers. Zhang Xinyue and the Golden Touch teachers have experience in this area.

For instance, Brendon Burchard has written a book about positive thinking. He covers topics such as getting out of your comfort zone. He helps business leaders with their motivation. His YouTube channel usually gets thousands of views.

Zhang Xinyue at Golden Touch holds conferences in beautiful cities around the world each year. She and her mentors often meet in places like Salt Spring Island, Vancouver, Canada and Bell Rock, Sedona, Arizona. Their conferences give business people a time and place to gather so they can network and learn from each other.

If you feel that you don’t have time or the skills to write a book, then look for a ghostwriter. Even the most famous people usually work with a ghostwriter who can pen their ideas in a cohesive manner. Often business people don’t have the time to write a book but there are still plenty of options to get it done.

Make notes about your book and the topics you want to include. It’s not that expensive to hire a freelance writer to put your ideas together. Zhang Xinyue of Golden Touch has written a book called Create Abundance where she explains how to create more abundance in your life. This is such an important topic these days. People are suddenly realizing how much of our success is tied to how we think. Those with negative mindsets struggle more. Those who believe in themselves are usually more successful.