Health effects of global warming

When we talk of global warming we all talk about the damage it causes to the environment, but it does not stop there, it is the cause of many adverse health issues as well. All the more reason why we should be more aware of what we can do to stop global warming.

AIR QUALITY has seen a serious decline in many cities resulting in higher number of patients with respiratory tract diseases such as asthma.

WATER QUALITY frequent flooding increases the chance of polluted water contaminating drinking water supplies. This has resulted in many cases of typhoid, diarrhea and such diseases in areas affected by flooding.

MALNUTRITION severely affecting the African nations it will soon be affecting the rest of the world due to the effects of droughts and flooding affecting crops and farming. The changing weather patterns make it harder for farmers to predict rainfall as before.

HEAT has been the cause of heat stroke and increasing risk of skin cancer due to the depletion of the ozone layer.

OVER CROWDING, will become a problem when some places become uninhabitable such as the Maldive islands due to environment factors causing a migration to the habitable areas.