Environment friendly new tech headquarters in the Silicone Valley

Apple is planning its new headquarters at the former Hewlett-Packard’s computer division space located at Cupertino, California.  The spaceship like building has been designed by Norman Foster.  It will have enough solar panels on the roof and fuel cells to become energy independent.  There will be 2,300 underground parking spaces avoiding heat creating paved parking within the new campus.  Another 5,800 parking spaces will be created in a parking structure located at the south end of the property.  An extensive garden will be created around the building.  The Cupertino City Council approved the project two years ago but no construction has been started yet.

Facebook is contemplating an extension on the west side of its current campus formally occupied by Tyco Electronics located at Menlo Park, California.  The company commissioned the architect Frank Gehry to design the new extension.  The new building will have a rooftop park complete with mature oak trees.  Parking will be under the building with shuttle service going under an existing expressway.

Google is working with the architectural firm NBBJ to restore eight acres at its 42 acre property located at Mountain View, California.  It is anticipated that they will install a very expensive sewage recycling program.