China to be third Biggest Wind Power Producer

Chinese state media reports indicate that the nation is all set to be the world’s third biggest producer of wind power in 2009. This comes in the wake of China seeking varied ways of increasing energy supplies in order to power its economic boom.

Shi Lishan, Vice Director, National Energy Administration’s New Energy Department, speaking to the Xinhua news agency, said China’s “installed wind power capacity will reach 20 giga watts this year.”

The report also stated that this increase in wind power capacity would mean that China would outdo Spain, making it the world’s third biggest power producer, after the United States and Germany.

Global Wind Energy Council records indicate that the United States has 25.2 giga watts in installed wind power capacity in 2008, which is around 20.8 % of the world’s total. China’s current capacity lies at 12.2 giga watts, while Spain had 16.8 giga watts.

On the other hand, China is the world’s largest emitter of green house gases thus is help responsible for global warming. The nation currently depends on coal for over 70 % of its energy demands. However, targets have been set to generate at least 15 % of its energy requirements from renewable sources by 2020 – utilizing largely wind and water.

Other countries have condemned China in Copenhagen, December 2009 for impeding the adoption of a treaty on climate change. To counter this, China, to exhibit its commitment to cut down on emissions, adopted a new law, which backed the renewable energy industry by encouraging electricity grid firms to purchase power produced by renewable sources.