The Purina Store

The Purina Store has come out with many different products and many different feeds since the beginning. In the beginning they found a need: many animals were dying or becoming seriously ill because their feed was inadequate for them. In the example of horses, if there was too much corn in their animal feed they ran the risk of developing colic. However, Purina decided that they would be the ones to develop and standardize animal fed for the sake of animal nutrition and the longitvity of the animal’s health. With the standardized animal fed, farmers were able to transfer and sell their excess animals at the market. Wouldn’t you trust a well established brand to fed your animals and keep them healthy and strong? However, the Purina line does have rising competition as there are start-up companies that are trying to establish themselves and make a strong name for themselves. Before you invest in a company, you must take the time to research the company for both your money and your animal’s health.