Environmentally friendly processes in bamboo flooring

Written by Bamboo Flooring Facts

Whether you’re buying wholesale bamboo flooring or retail, you’ll find that as you canvas for the best products as well as the best stores that give you the best prices, there are actually many types of bamboo flooring out there. Perhaps one of the most noticeable differences in bamboo flooring is in its method of production. If the store clerk hasn’t pointed it out for you just yet, just take a look at the product information and you’ll find that bamboo flooring can be produced through environmentally friendly means. Did you know that bamboo is a highly renewable resource? What that means is that it only takes a fraction of time to grow fully mature bamboo that is ripe for harvesting as opposed to trees that could take at least 20 years to mature. Other than how fast it grows, you don’t actually have to keep planting new ones because bamboos grow their shoots annually. They can even grow as much as a foot in a single day. Now that’s amazing. Now, to add more teeth to the claim that bamboo flooring is actually environmentally friendly, the sheer demand of bamboo flooring has caused the planting of bamboos to shoot up. And although it may not seem like anything, a bamboo plantation, believe it or not, captures more carbon dioxide and produces more oxygen than trees do. That translates into cleaner air as well as a tremendous help in reducing greenhouse gas emissions due to increased planting of bamboos.


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