What type of upholstery foam is used in couch cushions?

Written by The Foam Factory

If your cushion seat foam is not of a good quality, it causes sagging, which can make your living room look old and tired, while making it very uncomfortable for sitting. However, replacing your cushion foam is not a difficult task and can be easy tackled with a bit of planning.

Foam basics – Foam comes in two standards; density and compression. Density is measured in one cubic foot and the more the cubic foot the more it will weigh. The compression is the force needed to compress the foam. These two figures will describe the softness or the hardness of the foam. Opt for medium-firm foam for seat backs and base.

Material – Polyurethane foam is often used for couch cushions and is available in a variety of grades. This material is made from a by-product of petroleum and is therefore considered an eco-friendly

Warranty – If you buy high-quality foam from a reputed retailer, they will offer you a 5 – 10-year Usually, good quality foam should last at least 5 years depending on usage.

Wrapping – If you want more comfort, consider a down or polyfill wrap over your foam. The wrap will provide added softness and a slightly rumpled look. However, You will have to fluff your cushions at least every 2 weeks, to ensure that they maintain their structure.


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