Basic Tools to Begin Woodworking and Furniture Making

furnituremakingNot only is it easy to build furniture that will last a lifetime, it’s really inexpensive to do so. Woodworking sounds really fancy, and it is a trade that you can dedicate your life to, but anyone can get started. This article is aimed at people who just need that extra push into action. Here, we’ll lay out what you need to know to get started with confidence.

Basic Tools

You’ll need some basic tools if you want to make any headway. You can do a lot by hand, with manual tools like a hammer and a good screw driver, but you’ll want a cordless drill as well. A good circular saw is worth the money, but you can use a hand saw. You just won’t find anything about furniture making pleasurable for very long.

As for sanding, it’s good to get a few grits from 100-300, or a sanding block. Blocks are nice because you can sand for longer without having to worry about replacing your sheet or getting your grip just right. You’ll find sanding to be one of the most relaxing ways to spend an afternoon, and make decent progress on something.

Be sure to get yourself a triangle so you can square off the edges you’re working with as well. As for joints, spending the $100 or so on a kreg jig will prove very useful to you. You’ll be able to make hidden joints that are very simple and sturdy. It might not be the first tool you purchase, but it will make the list sooner or later.

All in all, tool costs will add up to just about $100, with maybe an extra $25 or so going to various parts like nails, screws, glue and various measuring devices.

James Provence is a furniture maker in Vacaville, California. Archbishop James Provence retired from the church to pursue his interests in history, railroads and furniture making.