What Can I Expect From An Ibogaine Clinic?

Beond Ibogaine is a legal and professional clinic in Mexico it has become very popular and offers beautiful facilities in serene natural surroundings. The luxury accommodations are complemented by top-shelf chefs that cook healthy gourmet meals.

The clinic offers clients many advantages including private rooms and the patients that are admitted together are in a similar situation. Their healing and transformation can be witnessed and clients can identify with each other. This helps patients find solace in not feeling isolated or alone on the journey back from opioid addiction, PTSD, or severe alcohol or drug use.

Ibogaine clinic in Mexico is staffed by professionally qualified medical personnel that are available to assist and work with patients to help them through the difficult process of addiction withdrawal. Using Ibogaine to manage and change self-destructive behavior takes time. Patients are monitored and given required doses to meet their unique needs and find the correct way forward for them.

Treating people with Ibogaine for opiate addiction has been proven to be very successful. The treatment is on a one-on-one basis after evaluating the patient’s requirements the dose will be administered and follow-up therapy sessions are necessary to find the root causes that may be the reason for the addiction. 

Alternative therapies for depression have been found to be very helpful including the use of mind-altering drug therapy such as Ibogaine. At Beond Ibogaine the clinic has qualified therapists that work with patients to assist them in finding the best remedies for understanding their depression. Ibogaine has psychedelic properties that can offer the patient the opportunity to have a deeper insight into their affliction and work on understanding through 1: 1 session or group therapy.

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