Today’s Most Viable Energy Technologies

Alternative technologies of energy are those that are used
to obtain energy from the non-traditional sources such as petroleum. These technologies are many and most are considered to be viable alternative energy technologies available today. These energy technologies include solar energy, wind energy, hydrogen, biofuel, alcohol, geothermal energy, tidal energy, nuclear energy among others. These energy sources cannot be depleted are friendly to the environment as far as pollution is concerned.

Solar energy, usually harnessed using the solar panels is one among the most viable sources of alternative energy available today. The sun’s rays are free and can be harnessed by anyone to meet their daily energy needs. This energy can be stored in batteries and used at night when there is no sunshine.

Wind energy is a natural and clean energy source. Windmills connected to a generator can be used to convert electricity. The wind energy can also be used directly to do work such as pumping water from a well.

Geothermal energy involves the use of steam from the earth’s crusts to run turbines to generate electricity. This energy is reliable because cannot be depleted and it does not pollute the environment. That is why today most countries with geothermal potential are building geothermal power stations to be able to curb the energy crisis that is being experienced all over the world.

Turbines can be placed under the sea to capture the kinetic energy of the tidal waves for the generation of electricity. Tidal energy has not really been exploited though it is among the most viable alternative energy technologies available today.

Nuclear energy is emerging to be an alternative source of energy today and in the future. The nuclear reactors are used to generate heat energy from the reaction of radioactive materials that is used to generate stem to run turbines for the generation of electricity.

Hydrogen, alcohol and biofuels are also considered as the most viable alternative sources of energy available today. Hydrogen is a clean fuel that is used to power aeroplanes, vehicles and rockets. Alcohol can be used to run engines directly or can be burned to generate steam for production of electricity. The biofuels such as biogas can burned in households to provide heat energy or be used to run engines such as vehicles. Biofuels can also be burned to generate steam for production of electricity. These alternative sources have helped to reduce the overdependence on fossil fuel and to slow down the pollution rate.