Tips on watching Killer whales in the San Juan Islands

Written by Crystal Seas

Watching whales in the waters of the San Juan Islands is an incredible experience. Most of the whales that are visible from these islands are orcas consisting of the “Southern Residents” and the three pods and they generally stay in the region from mid-April to early October. The Southern Residents are what are commonly referred to as the killer whales. These whales have received the status of endangered species since the year 2006. More than 500, 000 people converge annually in the waters of Washington and British Columbia to have an opportunity to watch these whales.

The San Juan Island is found right in the middle of the killer whales’ habitat and this is where they all are grouped for summer feeding and socialize with each other. There are several ways in which people can involve in whale watching. The first way is to watch the whales from land. There are a total of six public beaches on the island from where whales can be watched.

Some people also choose kayaking with killer whales which allows them to have a closer glimpse at the whales. Before engaging on a kayak trip, kayakers are advised to go through the Kayakers Code of Conduct and to follow the instructions of their guides in order to be able to make the most out of their trip. You might also book a boat tour that proposes the opportunity to watch whales closely.

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