Solar Power FAQs – 2

Article Submitted by Top Solar Energy Companies

There are several things to take into consideration when installing a home solar power system whether it is about the costs, the return on investment or even the little details that go into making the solar power system installation a successful purchase.

So, here is a list of FAQs, in particular, about the installation and the running of home solar power systems:

#1: What kind of roofing is ideal for solar panels?

If you are building a new home, then it’s ideal to keep the solar installation in mind by building a roof facing southwards at the right angle. Also ensure that the roof isn’t steep and has unobstructed space for the solar panels to be placed. As for the materials used to build the roof, avoid using slate and clay while concrete tiles, flat and wood shake roofs make it difficult (and expensive) for installation.

#2: What happens if it snows, hails, rains or sleets?

With the exception of a snowstorm, the solar panels will usually produce 30 % of what is normally produced on a sunny day if you have bad weather. If enough snow accumulates on the panels then you’ll have to remove them if electricity needs to be produced again. Of course, when the sun comes out, the snow will melt and fall off. All in all, panels can handle tough weather.

#3: How often should you clean the solar panels?

Depending on the season and the number of daylight hours, the amount of electricity produced might vary. However, there’s a chance that dust and debris can reduce the amount of electricity as well. When you see a drop in these levels, then it’s probably time to clean the panels.