Simple and easy ways to reduce environmental impact

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Written by Costbuys

We all have a duty to protect the environment. For the long term health of our planet and for our children. Sadly, we contribute to pollution and its degradation every day. It is true that the majority of pollution comes from industrial sources, but if everyone contributes in a small way, the impact will be significant. Here are a few examples of what we can do to reduce our impact on the environment:

The biggest impact would be to generate solar power, but an even bigger would be to reduce energy costs entirely. Gradually replace all appliances with energy star inverter models that consume less power. Incandescent and CFL bulbs should be replaced with LED bulbs. They are more affordable now, especially when discount shopping online.

Another option is to replace exterior and garden lights with solar powered alternatives which can be purchased with an online shopping discount. These lights come with built-in batteries that charge during the day and power the lights at night.

Air travel is a massive polluter. When possible travel by car rather than flying. The best would be to use online communication tools like Skype to video conference with colleagues rather than flying to meetings.

These may seem like small changes but if everyone did something similar, the impact on the environment would be far less than it is today.


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