Should I Buy Used or New Farming Equipment?

Submitted by Worthington Ag Parts

Farming is often a business that exists within very slim margins. This means most farmers can’t afford to take on too much overhead as it could mean completely handicapping their operation. Unfortunately, sometimes it can seem like there’s no other option. For example, if you need new equipment, there’s nothing else to be done. It can be especially difficult when an existing piece of equipment breaks down on you suddenly.

One question many farmers debate here is whether or not they should go with used or new equipment. New equipment will probably look nicer and last longer. But that’s no guarantee. The only guarantee is that used equipment will cost far less.

For this reason, most people would recommend going with the used equipment route. Not only will you spend less, but nowadays you can get all kinds of guarantees regarding the equipment’s maintenance records and refurbishments. You can also look for guarantees so you can return the equipment for the price you paid if something goes wrong right off the bat. The final decision is yours and may be a matter of taste, but most people would agree that going with used equipment is the preferred route.

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