Prepare Your Patio Cushions for the Rain

Summary: If you are expecting rain soon follow these tips to take care of your furniture.

The rain can be great for your plants, but if you do not prepare for the weather, it can very well ruin your furniture. If it is expected to rain sometime in the near future check out these tips to keep your patio furniture safe.

Purchase the Right Materials

Patio furniture can initially seem tough to take care of during the rain but approaching the elements strategically could prevent the furniture from getting damaged. If you have not purchased couches and seats for your patio yet, consider investing in dryfast foam for your cushions. This material has been designed to provide enough airflow to reduce the amount of time it takes moisture to dry the cushions. This type of foam is ideal for locations where rain is common, but the highly effective nature of the foam makes the material a great option for any furniture.

Protect the Cushions You Already Own

If you have already purchased cushions for your patio furniture, there is no need to worry. Normal cushions, like those found at The Foam Factory and other cushion stores, may not have the robust design to properly handle large amounts of water. Most construction stores sell a variety of protection sprays that can be applied to different materials to shield them from damage caused by moisture. Apply a few coats and allow time for the surfaces to dry.

If you are unable to purchase new cushions or protective sprays for the ones you already have on your patio, and if space permits, simply remove your cushions from the patio to protect them from the rain. Make sure they are dry before placing them in storage bags to prevent mildew from accumulating and place the bags indoors, in your garage, or any other cool and moisture-free area.