Increased oil and gas production and environmental concerns

The recent oil boom in the United States is due mainly to new technologies of extracting oil from shale. Hydraulic fracking technology helps to extract oil and gas trapped in shale for centuries. Yes, the oil boom is revitalizing the American Midwest and the rust belt. Gasoline prices are plummeting saving consumers more spending money. But the technique is not without controversy.

One major environmental concern is the waste produced by fracking. Drillers use millions of gallons of salty and chemically enhanced water that produce brine as a byproduct. Another concern is spillage more specifically accidental release of oil, chemicals and other fluids into the underground water reserves. Fracking also being found to cause more ground shaking within the region causing other environmental concerns. Even though the ongoing operations contribute to funds for future cleanup, it is expected to take decades after they stop oil operations to clean up the environment. Drilling is also changing local economies creating more social issues for local residents. Prices are increasing at an alarming level for housing making it unaffordable for locals. Localities are also seen food prices and price paid for other services increase dramatically. Drillers and environmentalists are looking for answers.