Ideas to Make Your Plane Ride Go Fast

Few things can be more tortuous than taking a long plane ride. Everything from the tight seats to poor air circulation to crying babies can make your trip feel more like an ordeal than a vacation. Fortunately, there are things you can do to make the time go faster. Here are some tips from Dev Randhawa.

  1. Read

Many find that a long plane ride is an ideal time to catch up on the news or read a novel or other material that is best suited for long stretches of uninterrupted reading.

  1. Play games

Most phones and tablets have games on them these days, and many airlines are now equipping their planes with in-flight entertainment that includes puzzles and games.

  1. Watch a movie

Many long flights feature one or more full-length films, which are often available at little or no cost to passengers. Some are available on screens built into the seats, whiles others are available for streaming to your personal devices.

  1. Do work

A long flight may be just the opportunity you need to devote a few hours of mostly-uninterrupted time to a project. Whether your work involves a laptop, tablet, or traditional hardcopy paperwork, working on a plane gives you a unique setting and block of time that can be surprisingly productive.

  1. Sleep

With a little planning, you may be able to pay off some of that sleep debt on a long flight. Bring a comfortable travel pillow, a blanket, and some earbuds, and you will be resting in no time.