How technology companies offset their environmental impact

One of the biggest impacts on our environment is the generation and consumption of electricity. Technology companies, data centers, and the Internet all use a large percentage of total energy usage today. The good news is that most of these organizations are conscious of their effect on the environment and take steps to offset their use. Here is basic rundown by Rack Alley on how tech companies offset their effect on the environment:

Buying green energy

One way to offset energy use is to buy green energy credits elsewhere. Often, you can buy a certain amount of energy from one company in one location, and “use” that energy in another area. Not all areas accept this method.

New technology

Another area companies are looking at is the use of innovative new technologies to power and cool their data centers. One example is the use of cold air to cool data centers and limiting the use of air conditioning and HVAC use. Another is to use renewable energy sources like solar, wind, and even ocean waves to generate power.


There is also room to reduce the consumption of energy by improving the efficiency levels of existing equipment. To that end, companies are employing machine learning and sophisticated sensors to reduce cooling and energy needs.

Whether its Los Angeles web hosting or server hosting, you can use it safely in the thought that all tech companies are doing their part to offset its environmental impact.