Earth Day to bring out impacts of climate change

The global Earth Day is April 22, 2013. This year’s theme for the Earth Day is “the face of climate change.” Many factors caused this year’s Earth Day to concentrate on climate change. The arctic ice cover reached an all-time low in September 2012. The U.S. experienced its hottest recorded year ever. 2012 was the hottest ever year recorded in this decade according to Meteorological Organization. Super-sized storms hit the Caribbean, northeastern U.S. and the Philippines; and drought impacted crops and other vegetation in two thirds of the United States, northern Brazil, parts of Russia and China.

At a UNESCO conference in San Francisco in 1969, March 21, 1970, the first day of spring was proposed as the Earth Day. A United States senator, Gaylord Nelson, found the Earth Day as April 22, 1970 and now more than 192 countries worldwide celebrate Earth Day. The first ever Earth Day 1970 brought students of colleges, schools and millions of others to call for environmental reform. The Earth day 2013 bring impacts of climate change on humans, animals, and others to limelight. Impacts of climate change are multiplying each day and people are screaming for something to be done about it.