Dog Nutrition

A patient puppy waits in front of a dish full of kibbles.

Article written by Fusion Cafe Inc.

Feeding one’s dog is a serious matter, and should not be taken lightly regardless of if the pet is a newborn puppy or is getting up there in the years and has been a staple of the family for years on end. The nutrition a dog get is absolutely essential to its development physically and its health overall! Therefore, having a feed store that houses authentic Purina mills dog food is a great way to save yourself the hassle of driving out for a new bag of food every time it runs out and allows for  buying in bulk; a great way to save money!

Pet food suppliers often love those who buy in bulk, because it means that they can place even larger bulk orders. While greater profits may be made on smaller bags in the short term, consider this analogy. If a family has a single animal feed, and wants to supply it for a long time, they will buy many bags of dog food. As this process is repeated, the family will want to get bigger and bigger bags, which will lead to the community wanting to do so; in turn forcing the supplier to buy in bigger supplies to meet demand and at even lower costs to them! This is truly a win for both the demanders and suppliers of the good; an economic phenomenon to say the least! Therefore, keep your dog healthy, and buy a feed store today.