Create and maintain a green home with these tips

In a time of increasing climate unpredictability and environmental degradation, we are getting used to reports of floods, dying crops, and drying cities. However, we can combat these issues by ensuring that we make the maximum of our resources, reduce wastage, and stop harming the environment. Every little bit that we do, amplified by the number of people that do it, will make a significant difference to the environment and our future lives. Here are some tips from The Foam Factory on how we make create and maintain a greener home:

Save energy

There are probably three primary ways to be more environmentally friendly. Saving energy is probably the most important. Electricity is something everyone uses and is the easiest to waste. Save energy by switching to LED bulbs, turning off lights whenever you can, and using timers or sensors for lights that cover outside areas. Also, setting proper cooling and heating temperatures will save a significant amount of energy.


Another way to ease our burden on the environment is to reduce the usage of products that contain toxic elements. For example, use natural cleaners on your cushion replacement as opposed to chemical cleaners. Not only will you help the environment, but your cushions will also probably age better. Also, avoid the use of bug sprays, special cleaning products, and stop people smoking in the house.

These are the just two simple steps that will make a massive difference to your environment.