Boat Cushions for your Marine Lifestyle

Foam Factory, Inc.

As a boat owner, you might often notice that your cushions, whether on the berth or benches, often tend to go saggy past some years of use. Even though you boat might have been built to last and has proved this fact from the years that it has been in your ownership, its mattresses and cushions are unfortunately not that durable. Indeed, your boat cushions face a lot. They are normally damaged by the rain or seawater and can be subject to various stains from food and drinks.

There’s no denying that these damaged and saggy cushions are very uncomfortable to sit or lie on. The discomfort is felt more when one has to spend a lot of time at sea. In order to remedy to this situation, you might opt to replace the foam inside your cushions and boat mattresses. If you are used to DIY projects, it might be gratifying to carry out this project yourself. This approach is also cost-effective and would enable you to choose the foam and fabric for your new boat cushions.

Several companies specializing in foam supplies now offer the possibility of sending custom cushions right at your doorstep when ordered online, especially if you are looking for foam in Canada. Normally fast-drying foams would be make better inserts for your boat cushions as they do not retain moisture.

Foam Factory, Inc specializes in foam products for different indoors and outdoors applications. They also provide solution for boat cushion replacement and offer the possibility of buying custom-cut foam.