Best Pitbull Traits to Look for in Your New Puppy


Written by: Iron King Kennels

Learn what makes your pitbull puppy a good fit for your family.

pitbullpuppyPitbull puppies for sale are some of the cutest dogs you can hope for. Their big heads and cute little eyes are designed to be adorable. They’ll grow into powerful animals with a happy disposition, if you pick the right dog for your family. Here are some of the traits that breeders recommend, and pitbull buyers look for when you’re evaluating a new puppy.

Basic Traits

If your dog is well bred and treated well in its early years, it will grow into one of the most loyal animals on Earth.

Pit bulls, whether you’re looking at red or blue nose pitbull puppies for sale, are agile animals. They will develop a strong, muscular body and have good reflexes. They are excellent dogs for people who like to work out, because they are such physical animals.

That’s why it’s important to socialize a pitbull throughout its lifespan. Red nose puppies for sale have usually had some contact with humans and other dogs, but maybe not other breeds. Take your dog for walks and let others touch and interact with him or her. That’s the best way to get your dog over its inherent fear of people, and turn it into a loveable animal that will be the envy of friends and family.

The trick is that pitbulls are not known for their cooperative demeanor, so expect your early years to be full of stubbornness. You get over that hurdle by being firm and confident with your commands, and establishing that you are the dog’s owner.