April: Warmest Ever Recorded

The NOAA or the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration stated in a recently released report that April was the warmest April ever recorded.
According to the NOAA report, the amalgamate temperature of both land and water surface across planet earth averaged at around 58.1 degrees.

Taking into consideration the temperatures recorded since 1880, this makes April 2010 the warmest since.

The temperature between January-April was also the warmest year-to-date period on record.

The average 20th century temperature for the month of April stood at 56.7 degrees, which was close to 1.4 degrees lower than that of last month.
United States – West, China, Russia and several areas in South America experienced weather colder than that compared to April, while above average temperatures were experienced by the rest of the country.

The NOAA report comes in the wake of climate change scientists pushing to put the issue of global warming back on the list of top priorities. Most the United States recorded the most amount of snowfall over the winter past, while other reports questioned the validity of some reports on influential global climate change.

The NOAA report results are sure to give climate change scientists new found blood – as opposed to being put down for continuing to highlight the global warming issue, urging authorities and the general public to tackle the issue at hand.

Over the last year, global warming has taken a significant backseat, and many a climate scientist has done his utmost to convince people otherwise.